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Drimee Solariums

Drimee Horse Solariums just launched in NZ for special introductory price of $2290+gst until the end of March 2018.
Please feel free to call us regarding the benefits of infrared solariums which are throughout most of the European equestrian facilities.

Our Sunburst Solariums are designed to wrap your horse in therapeutic infrared light and heat, the slimline design using the minimum amount of space.

Owners have found that using the solarium for 15 minutes before exercise to warm and prepare your horse’s back muscles, then following up with another session after exercise to help break down the lactic acid that causes muscles to tighten and pull.
They can be used to quickly dry wet or damp horses which can help avoid muscle damage, tightening up and chills.
Heat therapy is also used to help improve blood circulation and cellular metabolism and to improve the general health and well-being of your horse and pony.
Healthier skin, no more moisture trapped by covers after washing, with less fungal issues such as mud fever and rain scald. Accelerates the natural moulting process, producing a smoother, glossier coat.
Independent control of lighting banks and cooling fans. Lightweight, easy to fit or relocate. All this is delivered at an amazingly low price.

Light therapy, also known as phototherapy uses a combination of super luminous (visible) and infrared (invisible) light to treat damaged skin as well as problems with muscles, tendons, bones and ligaments. The treatment works by stimulating the blood supply in a targeted area; providing oxygen and nutrients to the damaged tissue. It also stimulates the lymphatic system enabling waste products to be removed more quickly.

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