Teeth Are Always In Fashion

ISpyHorses --  Wed, 08-Aug-2018

Teeth Are Always in Fashion

And on this note, Cambridge Equine Hospital offers top quality dental care for your horse.  Did you know that a horse's teeth constantly erupt throughout their life.  Most horses are not eating tough grass for 16 – 18 hours per day anymore and therefore their teeth get abnormal wear patterns.  Some teeth erupt faster than others necessitating regular filing.  Horses are living much longer than they would in the wild, so nowadays their teeth won't always last for a lifetime.  Older horses often require more frequent dental checks and care.  Full dental checks with a mouth speculum are recommended in order to perform a thorough examination, which may call for sedation in some horses.  All of the veterinarians at Cambridge Equine Hospital are trained in equine dentistry and several have undergone further training in order to better serve their clients and horses.  Dr Lucy Holdaway and Dr Angela Hawker have a keen interest in equine dentistry and are always happy to examine your horse’s teeth for you. 

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