And The Winner of The ispyhorses Birthday Competition is

ISpyHorses --  Fri, 19-Oct-2018

Xanthe Dunford cried when she was told she is the winner of such amazing products.  She has had a bit of a rough journey with her horse so far.  After a very bad fall a while ago resulting in 9 months off riding, Xanthe and her horse are only just working as a team, so this win has come at a great time and is even more special. 


Xanthe and her very supportive mum are still in shock and can’t quite process this wonderful news.  Xanthe, after entering the competition herself, tried to encourage her mum to enter too to give her a double chance and her mum said, “Forget it.  You have absolutely no way of winning, Xanthe!”


In fact, Xanthe’s entry was the first to be drawn and she had done absolutely everything required to be eligible to win which as it happened was rather an extensive administration exercise.  So it goes to show, never say never and always pay attention to detail. 


Xanthe wishes to thank the wonderful sponsors of this competition.  She has two after school jobs, waitressing and in retail, and she really appreciates these luxuries that she could otherwise only dream about owning.


As Xanthe is located in Christchurch and could not accept the dental prize awarded by Cambridge Equine Hospital, she has gifted this to the New Lives Animal Rescue also situated in Cambridge who are extremely grateful to accept this.