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iSpyHorses is NZ's premier online equestrian hub specializing in Horse and Pony sales, associated Products, Services, and featuring latest News and Views and Competition Results.

Detailed and unique features - through extensive marketing via social media, Facebook, Instagram and The LookBook (weekly emailed newsletter) iSpyHorses offers maximum exposure to your advertising.

HORSES AND PONIES FOR SALE - Quality horses and ponies are sold through iSpyHorses' unique and extremely effective marketing that adds volumes to all advertising. Throughout NZ and Internationally, horses and ponies of all disciplines and uses are sold to the best of homes due to the large numbers visiting daily. Advertisements are viewed by thousands upon thousands of equestrians many of whom would otherwise never hear of you, thereby increasing the opportunities to not only sell but also for you to choose the best possible situation for your valued....

Valid reasons to advertise with iSpyHorses.


This horse was listed last week and within 24 hours the seller’s emails had exploded. There were at least twenty legitimate inquiries – one from Japan, two from Australia and the rest NZ. The horse was sold three days later (sale pending a trial at seller’s insistence to ensure everyone is happy). When this horse was sold previously to the current seller, thousands of dollars were paid by way of an agent’s fee. This current sale through ispyhorses cost the current seller only $150 for a Premium Banner listing at and the horse would quite easily have sold ten times over and within a week. The team at iSpyHorses rest their case! List with ispyhorses now - go and to Sell.

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15 Mar 2017 13:21

I was able to choose where he went and he's ended up just around the corner. But contact would never had happened without this ad. I also had support with the overflow of enquiries by admin who notified me when people had contacted ispy to say I hadn't replied yet.
01 Feb 2017 10:35

Hi I sold this horse. The endorsement is completely accurate. In fact I should add that within 24 hours his ad had attracted more than 1000 like on facebook. I was blown away by the reach - people in Europe looking at my lovely boy online. I had a number of very genuine and lovely prospective purchasers
01 Feb 2017 10:33

Michelle Lake / Horse Trainer and Riding Coach:
Can you validate any of these claims ??? seriously, I have spent hundreds of dollars with your advertising agency all ready and have not yet recieved one ligitimate inquiry.
27 Jan 2017 16:17

Reasons to choose iSpyHorses




iSpyHorses caters for a niche market of horses and ponies that are not in the cheapies league (mostly sold on free FB sites or Trade Me) and not the horses and ponies in the over hundreds of thousands league (mostly sold by agents). 

Horses and Ponies in the middle price range fit very comfortably on our site and some are selling overnight and within a few days of being listed. If you are to choose our homepage options 15,000 users each day will see your advertisement.

We are a specialist equestrian site. Therefore, visitors are there because they are wanting to view horses. 

We offer free upgrades making our fees much cheaper than those of other sites. We do not charge a commission. 

The team at iSpyHorses can load your....

Rider's Reference™


19 December 2016

iSpyHorses' user Clarissa Wallace submitted this reference - “My horse sold through iSpyHorses. The initial help I received from the iSpyHorses staff setting up the advert was fantastic. This was even done for me in the evening. Excellent service! The advertisement looked great and I think much better than Trademe! Thank you so much!" 

Rider's Reference™


9 December 2016 iSpyHorses' user Dawn Borrett submitted this reference - "Within two days of my ad appearing on ispyhorses my emails practically exploded with responses from people wanting this guy. He sold within two weeks of being on ispyhorses. And to the best home. The only thing I'd like to point out is that I think because of the overload a lot of the emails ended up in my junk folder. So check your junk folders everyone!"

Melbourne Cup Day at iSpyHorses



The lovely Victoria Grayling was in the iSpyHorses office today, writing a piece on the Melbourne Cup and life after the track for throughbreds, read her article at 

Humans n Horses™ Competition  - What are the chances?


Humans n Horses™ Competition 

What are the chances?


Photo credit Melissa Marriner 

Twenty years or so ago, ‘I’m Street Wise’, aka Kai, began his journey that we know about, as a baby wandering the streets of Te Awamutu, lost and homeless.   He was impounded by the council and then sold at the local sale yards.  Who should come along to this particular sale, spot him then purchase him but Andrew Nicholson who was there buying stock.  What are the chances?

Since that day, Kai has been the most incredible horse contributing so much to so many riders.  Andrew broke Kai in and gave him to his niece, Samantha Nicholson who competed him successfully in show hunter and show jumping.  When Kai was six years old, he was purchased by Karina Wallace who show jumped him....

Humans n Horses™ Competition 


Humans n Horses™ Competition  And the winner is ... Molly Buist Brown and Pull the Trigger II, the winners of a $100 Stirrups Equestrian New Zealand​ voucher, have won the second draw.

“It's hard for me to choose favourites as I've been lucky enough to have had amazing ponies but this one stands out most to me... This 13.1 palomino pony known as 'Pull The Trigger ll' stands at only 137cm tall but that has not stopped him from competing and winning at PGP level, we were even lucky enough to win our first ever GP start!  This pony is a true one in a million, we were lucky enough to purchase trigger when I was 10 years old. Trigger was originally bought for my sister but at that point Rosa was only 8 years old and Trigger hadn't been jumped in 2 years before we bought him therefore a VERY keen pony into jumps which....

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