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Dear iSpyHorses Whisperer


Dear iSpyHorses Whisperer,

I graze my horses and my daughter’s pony at a property where the owner goes to the city to work each day. 

The owner has stipulated that the owners and grazers will be responsible for their own horses and that he will not be involved.  But here’s the thing.  He lives there and he drives in and out of his property almost daily, and each time back and forth, he can clearly see the horses on either side of his driveway.  

He said he doesn’t want the responsibility of looking after other people’s horses, and this has always worked well for him.  There is one horse on the property who’s condition is declining drastically.  Her owner is very busy and never there, so she doesn’t get fed , checked or ridden, and even though she has a cover on, I can see she is really skinny. Sometimes I feel bad for her and give her some of my own horses hay, but this....