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Humans n Horses™ Competition 

What are the chances?


Photo credit Melissa Marriner 

Twenty years or so ago, ‘I’m Street Wise’, aka Kai, began his journey that we know about, as a baby wandering the streets of Te Awamutu, lost and homeless.   He was impounded by the council and then sold at the local sale yards.  Who should come along to this particular sale, spot him then purchase him but Andrew Nicholson who was there buying stock.  What are the chances?

Since that day, Kai has been the most incredible horse contributing so much to so many riders.  Andrew broke Kai in and gave him to his niece, Samantha Nicholson who competed him successfully in show hunter and show jumping.  When Kai was six years old, he was purchased by Karina Wallace who show jumped him to 1.15m and evented him at pre novice level. To this day, she still owns him and she will never sell him.

“Kai loved to hunt and he hunted for many years with the Pakuranga Hunt Club.  “He also won or at least placed at every show he ever went to, often taking lines in the jump offs that no other competitor would even try.”

Karina tells us that Kai was often referred to as the ‘guard horse’ because being so vocal and talkative, every arrival was announced.

At the age of 23, Kai is still contributing hugely, this time to a mother of four young children, who was completely dependent upon a one in a million truly safe horse that she could rely on.  Kai is currently this guy and together this pair have enjoyed gating at the local hunts.  Kai is therefore still an avid member of Pakuranga Hunt and is extremely well known.



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