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Pony for sale

Amazing little Barbie Pony,


6 years old.


Dressage, Endurance, First Ridden , Pony Club, Show Horses, Showing.


48.43 Inches | 123 Centimeters | 12 Hands




NZD 10000

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Canterbury, New Zealand

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Homepage Highlight

Totally Rad little fun pony! We have campaigned him for the first half of the Show season,
Hes qualified for HOY Rising Star Newcomer 2019
He still has 1 novice win in the C ring left, I'll save that for the new owners.
We will campaign him after the New year back down in the FYR classes if he doesn't sell before then. He still has a full card in the FYR and leadrein sections. (My cowboy son will be riding him and the kid has more air than I have ever seen between him and the saddle, God knows how he stays on, so I don't expect to fill his card up 😂😂)

Super fun wee pony, 123cm Sec A Welsh gelding, 6 rising 7. Huge potential from here on in, we have had a blast on him, but his wee rider is now turning 11 and moving on to bigger faster jumpers (much to my horror 🙄)

My cowboy son is riding him in the meantime.
Hes been barrel racing, hunting, games days, Pony club, trekking, swimming, cowboy challenges, you name it and we have thrown it at this pony,
The kids can do a ridiculously awesome mini tramp routine off him, cartwheeling off his butt, leapfrogging over him like a spring board,

Hes super safe in the paddock and on the ground, I have little 4 and 5 year olds go out and catch him and bring him in to brush,

Superb on SH1 and with trains, hes spent many many hours road hacking, happy around big farm machinery, truck and trailer units, under bridges, etc

The kids go round up the Alpacas with him, they basically use him as a mini bulldozer to annoy each other and everything and anyone 🙄
Hes not a Unicorn 🦄 he can have a wee opportunist buck in him, it comes out on a cold showday morning, his tail wags a hundred miles an hour first so you know it's coming, he can usually be kicked forward out of this, but occasionally has caught the kids off guard and has unpolitely planted them to the ground, we call this "eating dirt" although the incidents are getting few and far between these days,
I thought I'd mention this as everyone wants a perfect boomproof unicorn, I think they belong in fairytale books 🤷‍♀️ but hes a pretty rock solid fun pony and is such neat fun.

Hes pretty low maintenance, you have to watch his weight, he rocks around a 10k road ride peace of cake barefoot, thinks hes a TB on the huntfield for all of .2 miles until he is reminded hes a fat sect A and his legs get tired 😂 usually he is quite happy to plod about at a less than enthusiastic pace, he has more Whoa than go, (hence why you see him ridden in spurs)

Super to show clip, face, ears etc, he just stands there to be tortured. Great to plait and show prep, he also likes being covered in mud and hairy. You can paddock him with anything or alone, he doesn't actually care, his whole world revolves around food!

On the whole he has become a remarkably cool pony to have around, be sad when he loads up to his new home, I think we will shed quite a few tears come that day.

Halle would be suitable for a bossy child, he doesn't want a wee princess rider crying on his back, he wants to go to a home where they will give him the variety of fun and adventures he has had here, if you treat him like a pampered princess, he will become one.
In a perfect world I think he would love a wee boy to be rider, hes happy to cowboy his life away, happily rides out in western gear with a back cinch on,

Halle is entered in the Welsh Performance Show in CHCH on the 20th January, He is available after then, If not sold prior he will be entered into the SI All Welsh and will be available after the 9th Feb. He will continue in work and competition up until he is sold.

He popped out on a 16km trek on New years eve with my Son,
He is one seriously cool pony, Its extremely hard to sell him, but my next child is 6 years away from beginning to ride and he is too good to sit in a paddock until then, be such a waste as he is young and has talent to burn,
He continues to get better and better.

If you are beginner parents new to ponies, you need to look elsewhere, he wont be sold to you!
He has manners now installed and I'd like to keep it that way! We have had 2 years of fun and are handing over the reins of a neat little pony to another daredevil rider.

Sorry no leases or payoffs.