Waikato, New Zealand


Waikato Equine Veterinary Centre

“Dedicated to Excellence in Equine Performance”

At the Waikato Equine Veterinary Centre we have the experience, equipment and facilities to provide the highest level of service available. Sport horse work is a significant part of our practice and an area we are passionate about. We are proud to sponsor the riders Clarke Johnstone, Vanessa Way, John Thompson and Sam Felton and we look after horses at the top level of Showjumping, Dressage and Eventing in New Zealand. The clinic, located in Cambridge, is accessible for all geographical locations and we regularly travel out of the area for purchase examinations.

Purchasing a horse should be a positive and exciting time. We can help minimise the stress of decision-making process and hopefully play a small part in the start of new and successful partnership between a horse and rider.

As we head into the busy season, we wanted to provide our clients with a brief update on our services that we offer, our staff availability and the geographic area we service.

Our Services
Racing - We offer state-of-the art medical and surgical diagnostics. In addition, experienced clinical appraisals to produce the information needed in making day to day common sense approaches to the issues that arise in training young horses Sport Horses - Whether it’s dressage, showjumping, polo, hunting, endurance, or pleasure riding (to name just a few), we adopt a holistic, intensive and scientific approach to maintaining optimal performance for each discipline Reproduction/Breeding - We offer reproductive management of broodmares on farm as well as in the purpose-built mare facilities at our clinic. Our highly experienced and qualified veterinarian's target is an early, healthy foal per mare, per year, and we use the latest research and technologies to achieve this. Sales Prep - Whether you are embarking on investing in bloodstock for the first time or are an experienced agent, our team of highly experienced veterinarians will help you to avoid potential future problems or needlessly missing out on a good horse because of a minor issue Pre-Purchases – We offer Pre-purchase examinations that are designed to provide information on the health and soundness of a horse that you are looking to buy Equine Dentistry Services - We offer comprehensive preventative and remedial dental treatments designed to increase the longevity of your animal’s teeth, maximise comfort and reduce the risk of major problems State of the Art Equine Hospital - The new equine hospital at WEVC’s site in Cambridge and its large theatre and twin recovery suites, ensures that WEVC offers a ‘state of the art’ and highly efficient surgical service. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - A purpose-built mare and foal intensive care unit is available, that has a safe, separate area for compromised foals

Our staff & Availability

Our team has unrivalled experience and expertise in caring for a large variety of equine athletes, making us your best choice in dealing with the various issues that may be experienced by your horse. We have 10 highly qualified veterinarians, 7 nurses and 6 administration staff, who are all dedicated in delivering exceptional care and services to all our customers and patients.

We service the wider Waikato Region and as far as Auckland, Taupo and Taranaki, just to name a few. We provide an on-call vet for all after hour EMERGENCY call outs (e.g. colic, foaling, broken leg), and we have additional processes in place where the on-call vet will receive assistance in cases where there are multiple emergencies.

Purchasing a new horse is an exciting time but it can also be stressful. Whether you are purchasing a horse for pleasure or professional use the financial outlay can be significant and you want to minimise your risk of financial loss or emotional disappointment wherever possible. A veterinary prepurchase examination can help you minimise this risk.

When selecting a practice or veterinarian to perform a prepurchase examination there is no substitute for experience. A familiarity with specific discipline for which the horse is intend is invaluable. Radiographs or ultrasound examinations performed as part of the examination have to be of the absolute highest quality. Relevant information needs to then be communicated by the veterinarian to you the purchaser with patience, in detail and in terms you can understand. While as a purchaser you want to minimise your risk, you equally do not want to needlessly miss out on purchasing a quality prospect because of an overly conservative veterinary interpretation.